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Spisy ludności rzymskokatolickiej parafii Tartaków z lat 1787 i 1789

  1. Konrad Rzemieniecki ORCiD:


The 1787 and 1789 population registers of the Roman Catholic parish of Tartakiv

The town of Tartakiv, once the centre of a Roman Catholic parish, is located about 70 km north of Lviv. The parish comprised thirteen towns and villages. The analysed populations registers of the Roman Catholic parish of Tartakiv are records of Easter penitents in 1787 and 1789. The two surviving registers, from not too distant periods, published side by side make it possible to follow changes occurring in households over a period of two years and to note issues which are not visible or significant when just one register is used. There are slight differences in the spelling of Christian names and surnames in both documents as well as in records concerning the same relatives, which significantly change their relation to the head of the household and the kinship structure of the household. For example, a 1787 entry lists the head of a household with his wife, daughter, son and son-in-law. In the second register the son turns out to be the grandson of the head of the household. Another household comprised, in addition to the head of the household and his wife, a male servant as well as a female servant and her daughter. Two years later the male servant is no longer there, the female’s servant daughter turns out to be the daughter of the head of the household and the servant herself — his sister.

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36, 2014

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